Our Values & Vision

Our Vision

To become New Zealand’s leading sheet metal product manufacturer.

Our Values

We Take Ownership

Everyone, from the craftsmen detailed to work on your project to the administration and management team that ensures a smooth process, all are committed to delivering their best through every stage, from brief, to design, manufacture, to final dispatch,

We Share The Wisdom

  • Our expertise helps us understand our customers.
  • Our proactive team will share your challenge.
  • And provide you with the ultimate solution.

We Empower Our Customer

Ultra-Laser & Fabrication Ltd is committed to helping her customers 

  • By creating replacement parts that function better than the original.
  • meeting crazy deadlines.
  • Delivering on time
  • We will ensure you’ll always be on top of your game.


Our Approach


Open Communication


  • Transparent, timely and clear communication .
  • We will listen, offer our advice.
  • Work closely with you.

Access To Expertise


  • We know the Metal Fabrication industry inside and out.
  • We have hands-on experience.
  • We understand both engineering, fabrication and process challenges.



  • We understand your urgency .
  • We are responsive – whatever the challenge.
  • Whether it’s a design request or just support.
  • We are here to help.

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