Powder Coating Service

Powder coating is more than just a paint, it’s an armour. They are thicker, more durable, faster-drying and less prone to imperfections in appearance such as sagging or running.

The key to the perfect finish is in the preparation of the metal.

Our associate company specialises in powder coating with whom we have been doing business for a long time.  They use the latest powder coating equipment to offer environmentally-friendly, highly durable coatings for steel and metal surfaces large and small.

Their pre-treatment depends on the product, and the environment the product will be subjected to.

This means longer-lasting, harder-wearing, more consistent results every time.

The process is complex, but our service is simple.

We only powder coat products that we manufacture in house to larger steel items like gates and fences.

We offer the full range of colours and finishes from Dulux, and prefer to stay with standard colours.

Our team possesses the expertise to deliver flawless powder coating solutions tailored to fit your needs – on schedule, every time, no matter what the project.

Whether your job is big or small  residential or industrial, simple or complex we endeavor to meet your deadlines.


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Powder Coating

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