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Suspended Ceiling System provides a simple method of building both fire rated and non-fire rated ceilings.

Ceiling Batten

Steel Studs & Track

These are made from  galvanised steel to form studs and track to meet the requirements of the building industry for lightweight, strong and versatile steel wall framing. All studs are manufactured in accordance with NZS/AS 1397-1993 and are able to be used in fire and sound rated situations up to a height of 7.2 meters.

intended for use in the construction of non-load bearing walls, both interior and exterior. To avoid excessive wall movement or plaster cracking do not exceed the deflection limits given in AS/NZS 1170.


Steel stud track sections provide a friction fit for studs when installed in the tracks. This serves to hold the studs in position untill the appropiate lining board is installed, but in addition provides a slip joint to allow movement in the structure. Note: Lining board should not be screwed to the track for this reason unless specified by consulting engineers.

Suspended Ceiling System


Custom Profiles

Custom steel profiles, either symmetrical or asymmetrical can be produced on the variety of machines that the company operates.

They are wide ranging and diverse for the industries that they serve. Examples of end uses include shelving/racking systems, scaffolding and trestles, garage door components, conveyor systems, gates and fences, motor vehicle/trailer/truck body assemblies.


Workbenches are manufactured here in New Zealand. The benches have welded frames, easily adjustable shelf levels and powder coated

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