What Sets Us Apart

Expertise – Our combined experience in Marketing, Design, Metal fabrication, Manufacture and Computer aided design will result in long term savings in both material and Fabrication.

Our staff have been in the metal Industry for many years, working on different projects within the industry which gives us a competitive advantage.

Efficiencies that will benefit you – Ultra Laser & Fabrication aims to maximise work flow by reducing the cost of consumables and thereby pass the savings on to you.

Welcome to the home of end-to-end sheet metal fabricated manufacturing

Wouldn’t it be nice to only deal with one reliable partner who turned raw materials into a finished product then delivered it to your door.

We are one of few New Zealand’s end-to-end manufacturing solution for sheet metal fabricated products.

Be it …..

Product design, Laser Cutting, Folding, Machining, Rolling, Tapping, Countersinking, galvanizing, Zinc Plating, Gold Passivating,  Welding & Fabrication and Powder Coating.- dulux colours – any shade

If it’s metal, we can turn it into anything you want and, finish it the way you like


This is what sets us apart from the competition.

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