There are dozens of metals that we use in some form on a regular basis. All of these are naturally occurring elements that are extracted from the earth’s crust. Each has its own distinct properties and inherent surface quality that can be improved to maximize their utility. That’s where industrial metal finishing comes into play.


Metal finishing is the process of smoothening, buffing, and polishing using chemical or rotary machines to cut, clean, and polish metal surfaces to achieve a polished finish.

The finish can be achieved by applying a surface coating that will enhance the external finish. The initial process includes cleaning, and surface preparation prior to polishing or otherwise improving the  surface.

Metal finishing often conforms to various procedures each offering its own benefits.

  • It can limit the impact of corrosion
  • Serve as a primer coat to promote paint adhesion
  • Strengthen the substrate and increase wear resistance
  • Reduce the effects of friction
  • Improve the appearance of a part
  • Increase solder ability
  • Make a surface electrically conductive
  • Enhance chemical resistance

Or just

Produce a clean, polished surface or remove surface defects.

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